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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Very interesting photos.

New York LOVES a Good Samaritan.

So far this year we've had the guy who jumped onto the subway tracks to rescue someone having a seizure and was run over by the train


A couple of guys that saved a toddler that fell five stories from a fire escape

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hey! It's something about The Head!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This new Google Blogger thing so far has sucked total dick. I can't see any of my posts! This gets a Godzilla sized "WTF"?!?!?!

I like this about Godzilla since it asks the question which I think makes sense which is "What does Godzilla eat?".

This Godzilla essay has been popular recently.

You know who I think is unfairly shit talked? Chuck Klosterman.

People have been saying that I've been letting the blog languish. It's true. I've just had nothing to say.

Went to a job interview the other day and the guy interviewing me said "You're not really supposed to say your boss is cheap on a job interview." I told him "Look, he didn't pay to get the office cleaned for two years. He's cheap. What do you want me to say?". Yes, professional to the end, that is Joshua G. Reynolds!

Today was Ash Wednesday. Lots of ashes on foreheads. Do people even do this on the west coast?

Click on these links only if you are a geek. This one and This one. Via Kottke.

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