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Monday, August 30, 2004

You know what movie is boring? Tron. SNORE.

Listening to my co-worker describe his reactions to Critical Mass is painful. Does anyone think it is the height of irony anymore to say "They are peace protesters, but, get this, they are wearing fatigues and army boots!". Give me a break.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Spelling Bee Report

I'm sure that Jimmy Legs, Kathy, and Heather will all have their own roundups of the spelling action last night but only here can you get the straight dope on how it went from the man giving out the words.

I was worried that no one was going to come to the bee, I'll be honest with you. I did a minor media blitz the day before but I was still nervous. Those fears were put to rest when a little bit before 8pm the room started filling up with plenty of people including some I didn't know. Nineteen people ended up signing up so the pot was considerable. In the first round about five of the nineteen people were eliminated but, truth be told, that may have been the hardest round until the very last one where I specifically picked out words to stump people. People missed "accelerate" and "sergeant" in that round. The field kept getting narrower and narrower as the best spellers kept rising to the top. One gentleman who had to be pushing 80 years of age was there and kept proclaiming himself to be a terrific speller. He spelled psoriasis ("Of course I can spell it! I've got it!") and some other words correctly but stumbled on "ophthalmology". He forgot the one of the "L"s. He was very put out by this and grumbled from his seat until the break when he came up and demanded to see the paper where the word was spelled. After looking at it he said "Are you blind? I don't see a second L!" and I said "It's there." and he took the paper off and started thrusting it at people telling them to read it and asking "Am I crazy?" to which the answer may have been yes. Anyway, he came back later and apologized and was very gracious about the whole thing. I was really glad he came as he added some pretty awesome color to the whole proceedings. But I digress, the spelling got hot and heavy until the final round where there where three spellers who were all just kicking spelling ass all over the place. Alison, Jonathan, and Linus were the superstars. We all took a smoke/pee break while I delved into some books looking for words to stump these spelling Sherlocks. Finally I found some that I thought were going to work and everyone started spelling again. Jonathan was spelled out on "cacchinate" and then it was the terrible twosome of Alison and Linus who spelled like there was no tomorrow. Finally I asked "autochthonous" which Linus spelled correctly and Alison said that she needed a word just as difficult and so I picked a word that Heather had pointed out as being "impossible" to spell. So I busted out "eleemosynary". Alison couldn't spell it so I had Linus come back up to try and spell it for the win. Otherwise I was going to have them split the pot. Linus got up to the microphone and spelled it like a champ. The room erupted in applause. Really, it did! It was awesome. I awarded him his 19 dollars and everyone seemed happy.

Dave from "The Next Big Thing" recorded the show and did a great job working against hunger and adversity. He also set up the microphones so big thanks to him. I guess the show will air the Saturday after next so listen for it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Let us show respect!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Ok you crazy cats, tomorrow night 8/25 is the the spelling bee! There will be a guy recording it for a show on public radio called "The Next Big Thing". So come on down so I don't look stupid in front of the media and to show that you are right there on the razor sharp cutting edge here in NYC. Oh yeah, and also to spell. Since it is Olympic season I have toyed around with awarding a medal along with the money so I hope that that is added incentive.

Come on down to Freddy's.

Stay sweet folks.



Friday, August 20, 2004

I'm at Online Coffee on Capitol Hill right now waiting for my laundry to be done. I've turned into one of those people who are miffed that their clothes smell like smoke after having been in a bar.

Last night I performed at the Crocodile Cafe with Love As Laughter, Cobra High,and a band no one had heard about previously, Radio Berlin. I was feeling a little delicate still from the bachelor party I'd been to the night before so I was chugging water until it was my time to shine. I wasn't nervous until about one minute beforehand and then I was wrecked. However, everything went really well. I was very happy with the performance and I know I did a good job when strangers come up to me and say "Hey dude, killer story.". I got to see plenty of old friends and it was nice since it seemed like my social network really hasn't fallen of even though I haven't been in Seattle in two years. Melanie and Jim were there so I'm hoping to have some pictures to put up here on the blog.

Wednesday the 25th the spelling bee will once again be happening at Freddy's. Please come on down. Remember, one dollar to enter and winner takes all. There will be a gentleman from the radio program "The Next Big Thing" recording some of it so this is your chance for NPR style immortality.

Today is a full day for me. I need to find a tie and some dress shoes along with getting the linen suit to look good and unwrinkly. Also, tonight is the Lusty reunion at the Twilight Exit which is destined to be an over the top affair.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I would have blogged sooner but for some reason blogger wasn't letting me on to do my thing for a few days. Let's catch up, shall we?

1. Monday morning I get on the M train and I look on the floor of the subway car and what do I see? A human shit! Yes, there it was. I looked at it for awhile trying to suss out if it was dog or human or what and it was human. I couldn't smell it but it was there plain as day. I thought about changing subway cars but then thought "Ah, forget it." and read my Daily News. Some woman came on and sat on the seat closest to it and I thought about saying something like "Hey, mind the defecation!" but I didn't. I guess I've become the cold hearted New Yorker for real now.

2. Made it to Seattle. I had to get up at 3:30 in the AM to get to the plane on time but I made it. On the plane I had a dream that I was the one who married Nicky Hilton. I told that to someone and they said "Ewww" but what do they know? I got here and totally had the shock of "The air is clean! There isn't garbage everywhere! There are trees!" and then that went away but the good feeling of being here remained.

3. The espresso is just as good as I remembered.

4. Tonight I'm going to my first ever bachelor party at the Edgewater hotel. Supposedly we are going to fish off the dock ("There isn't going to be any fishing!" scoffed Kevin Willis) and then we are headed to the casino. Should be a good time except for the probable losing money thing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Work Play:

Josh: Good morning boss. How are you?

Boss #2: Sick.

Josh: Oh. Congested?

Boss #2: No, I had three bowel movements last night.

Josh: Oh.

Boss #2: I ate some chocolate with ALOT of fiber in it.

Josh: I see.

Boss #2: You know what movie looks really good?

Josh: Hmm?

Boss #2: Alien V. Predator.

Josh: I don't know about that...

Boss #2: The alien is Predator and especially in Predator 2 is just amazing.

Josh: Yes, I suppose so.

Boss #2: I think Predator will win.

Josh: Well, I think it will most likely be a draw.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Saw Modest Mouse yesterday. They were really pretty good although I only recognized about three songs that they played. The free Coronas were much appreciated as was the nice partioned place next to the stage where we could watch without having to be with the great unwashed. Speaking of, when we left there was a huge vomit streak on the floor.

I'm excited about the Olympics. What I'm bummed about is that it doesn't look like there is any baseball coverage due to the fact that the American team isn't in it. However, I'm ready to watch all the rest of it. I can't quite get on the Michael Phelps excitement wagon yet but I guess it's possible I might at some point. I will watch the fencing probably and the crazy "Are they going to land on their head?" gymnastics.

Edgar Martinez is going to retire at the end of the year. Goodbye Papi.
(edited...see comments)

Friday, August 06, 2004

I've finally cracked. I found myself singing along with my boss today. He sings a song about The Genius and I was right there with him: "Smart, smart, smart, smart, smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!"

This is a disturbing development.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I don't know who thought that "Send in the Clowns" was the appropriate hold music for Con Edison but it was not a good idea. For some reason the strains of this classic tune don't go well with "Your approximate hold time is ten minutes." or such wisdom as "Did you know that keeping your refrigerator cool during the summer takes more power than in the winter?"

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