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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Jessie and I got tattoos yesterday of something she drew. Very happy with it. I was feeling a little apprehensive about getting a new tattoo since it had been five years and the last time I'd gotten one I'd turned white and almost passed out. I had to doa relatively small tattoo in three sittings. It was embarassing. Anyway, This time I went to my friend Craig who has a really light touch and it was easy the whole way through which was nice.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Joe Sacco's comic on Iraqi prisoners.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

One more before I'm off to TN:

Co-Worker: I didn't like MASH. I didn't understand it. You know, right now they started showing that on late nights again because we're at war. They want to get everyone hyped up about the war! War's not cool man.

Man, what happened to Heather Graham's career?

Real work conversation:

Coworker: They should have that show "24" on channel 24 because having it on channel 5 is totally confusing.

Josh: Um...

Real work conversation:

Josh: I think 9 years is excessive jailtime for that woman to serve for putting the finger in the chili and trying to scam Wendy's.

Dan: You know what? When you mess with the food supply like that it's a big deal!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Post story continued:

Anyway, so I picked a woman named Deepa to go out with because her profile made her seem like the funniest of the bunch. Unfortunately, it turns out that Deepa was out of town that week. So we went to my second choice which was Denise who just seemed like she was kind of plesantly middle of the road. Unfortunately, Denise was unable to be reached by phone. So, I had to go with the third choice Lillian who basically looked like an less pleasant Broom Hilda in her photo.

We ended up going to place on the Upper West Side which was sort of nice, but really what did I care since the Post was paying for everything? I showed up about 10 minutes before she did and had a bourbon and soda (which if you'll remember is what I wrote down would be the first drink I ordered when I sat down at the bar)and just waited. She showed up about fifteen minutes late and was better looking than I had expected. We talked for a second and then went to our table and got our picture taken by the NY Post photographer who showed up. Lillian kept trying to "help" him with comoposing the shots and I could tell that it annoyed him pretty heavily. I know it certainly annoyed me. After he left we got down to reading the menus and I was dismayed that she used her finget to help her read. It just demonstrates a lack of familiarity with the written word that I usually appreciate. So, we read the menu for a bit and I decide to have a duck confit salad since I've never had duck before (it was ok) and then she asks me "What is this ven..(pronounces long I)...son?". So, I told her that it was deer and that she'd probably like it. So, she ordered it, I ordered my salad and the New York Strip and away we went. Boy, could she talk about herself. During the times that I spoke she would look off into the distance so much that I finally said "Ok, what can I talk about that won't bore you?". It turns out the answer to that question was pretty much nothing and so I just turned the conversation around to talk about her again and that made her feel better. It wasn't really that big of deal since during most dates I feel like I bear the burden of being entertaining so I just sat back and enjoyed my free meal.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is scary. Thankfully we live in better times.

There's been a lot of listening to the Traveling Wilbury's around Taaffe St. lately. We've also discussed such issues as "Can we put together a T.W. cover band for Halloween next year?" and "If there was another Traveling Wilburys who would be in it?". So, Nic and I had wracked our brains over this for awhile and then finally Molly showed up to save us. She was a wealth of good ideas and so here I present to you: The New (Ultimate) Wilburys:

Bruce Springsteen

Neil Young

Dave Grohl


Jack White

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I was in the NY Post two times in the past week. See, Heather wrote me an email and it turns out that a friend of a friend of hers runs the Meet Market section of the Sunday paper. It turns out that they were desperate for people because it was the holiday season and Heather wrote "This seems like something you'd enjoy doing.". She was right. She had forwarded along the questionnaire that you had to fill out that had questions like "When you go to a bar what is the first drink you will order?" and "What is your ideal first date?" and "What do you do in your spare time?". I lied all over this thing. I don't read philosophy in my spare time and really my ideal first date isn't going to a reading and then discussing it afterwards. However, I felt that writing about the things I'm really into might not appeal to the post and it's readers so much. For example, "Drinking until I don't feel totally uncomfortable" probably wasn't going to cut it. Anyway, after sending my profile in I got an email about an hour later from someone at the post asking if I could come in for my headshot. So I headed down there and got my picture taken. As I was leaving the woman told me "You seem like a normal guy. We'll have you pick who you want to go out with.". See, how it works is this: there is one main single person (in this case me) and then three singles of the opposite sex (I don't know if they do gay meet market) which the main single gets to pick from. I didn't get to see picture of these women before I picked. I just had to go on what they wrote in their profiles and what they wrote in their profiles wasn't especially insightful. What can you really tell about someone when they write that their ideal mate is "Sweet, fun, and social"? That they like bland people?


I don't know anything about lingerie. I admit it. However, is dressing up as Mario from Super Mario Bros. sexy to anyone (scroll down). I mean, really now. And the Long Schlong? Is that even worth the money for the gag? I'm assuming that no one is really turned on by a giant sequined dick but I've been wrong before.

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