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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

More comic strip scandals via drugwar.com:


You got pretty testy defending marijuana in a recent Doonesbury comic strip. Over the years, you've made jokes about your own pot-smoking in several panels, but we think your problem may be worse than you've let on. We'll put it to you straight, Zonk: You're in denial.

First of all, you're not a convincing advocate for marijuana users - you've never held a real job since leaving Walden College 30 years ago. Baking marijuana brownies for cancer patients this Christmas doesn't count as a real job.

But on Dec. 29, when you dropped your fuzzy, laid-back smile and angrily argued that marijuana is "a nonaddictive drug that kills nobody," it heightened our suspicion that you're a comic strip character hiding a dysfunction. Maybe you're right that the prohibition against the medical use of marijuana is ridiculous. But your suggestion that abusing marijuana is OK because it's not as dangerous as abusing tobacco and alcohol is equally ridiculous.

Ask anyone who works in addiction treatment if they ever diagnose cannabis dependence, the psychiatric term for someone who can't quit smoking marijuana. It's fairly common. There are a lot of daily pot-smokers who start first thing in the morning and stay stoned 'round the clock, and many of them can't quit without the help of addiction treatment. They usually end up seeing psychiatrists because they suffer from problems that chronic marijuana use can cause - depression, panic attacks and, oddly enough, outbursts of uncontrollable rage.

Cannabis addicts are often embarrassed to ask for help because everyone says marijuana is not addictive. When you repeat this misinformation in the funnies, you make it harder for marijuana addicts to get help and easier for occasional users to ignore the very real risk of addiction.

You're right, Zonker, that alcohol and tobacco are legal, and in many ways more harmful than marijuana. But so what if marijuana is less bad? Do we really want another legal drug to abuse?

Marijuana may not be as addictive or dangerous as cocaine or alcohol, and it kills fewer people, but that's hardly a selling point. Should we legalize petty theft because it's not as bad as grand larceny?

You say marijuana never killed anybody?

A study in The New England Journal of Medicine looked at people arrested for reckless driving who hadn't been drinking. One-third of them tested positive for marijuana only, clear evidence that it impairs driving. For the more than 50,000 people killed in car accidents each year, alcohol is the main culprit. But if marijuana can cause such a high rate of reckless driving, it must take its own share of lives.

A study in the Journal of Addictive Diseases found that greater frequency of marijuana use among inner-city kids was associated with a greater likelihood to commit violent offenses. The more we learn about marijuana, the less benign it seems.

Research shows that regular marijuana users have serious life problems. In school their grades are worse, at work their thinking is unclear, in relationships they can't communicate. They have low self-esteem and feel disconnected from friends and family. They tend to be under-employed in unchallenging jobs. It's not the violence seen with cocaine and alcohol addicts, but the loss of a productive life is equally tragic. Any of this sound familiar, Zonker?

Somebody, maybe Mike himself, needs to tell Garry Trudeau to stop enabling you. No matter how hard he tries to hide it, snippets of the painful truth come out - you can't hold a job, you've never had a relationship, you completely lack ambition and you still live with your parents when you're not mooching off B.D. and Boopsie.

We all laughed about it when you smoked a joint in the huddle at a Walden football game 30 years ago. Back then, most people thought marijuana was harmless. Today, we know it's not, so the jokes are wearing thin. Is it wearing thin with you, Zonk?

For how many years have you actually been suffering, between panels, from panic, anxiety and social isolation? And now you're lapsing into denial, rationalizing your own drug abuse by trying to convince readers that a harmful, addictive drug is safe and innocuous.

Really, Zonker, that makes you no better than Joe Camel or Mr. Butts.

Via Brother: For all of those who make fun of me for saying height with a "th" sound at the end.

My friend Shara does some sort of work in the music/entertainment industry. Yesterday she worked at some press conference for Ringo Starr and his new band which features Sheila E. I asked if she met Mr. Starr and she said that she had met him and he kissed her on the cheek and it was a little bit gross. Shara went on to relate that this was nowhere near as gross as when she was escorting John Waite around and some 40 something women in an elevator saw him and he said "Hey ladies." The women went wild. This story was puncuated by Shara with a valley girl finger-in-the-mouth-gag-me-with-a-spoon motion. I couldn't tell who was supposed to be the nauseating culprit here however. Was it Mr. Waite and his fromagey ways? Or the 40 something women who swoon over John Waite?

Nevertheless, I imagine that I will never get a kiss on the cheek from a former Beatle.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I love it when people do off the wall crazy shit like this. I guess it's jealousy on my part.

USO tours still happen. I have a couple of questions though. Just what in the hell do Sugar Ray Leonard and Gary Sinise DO to entertain the troops? The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Miss USA, and Joan Jett I understand, but these guys are a mystery.

This band is apparently the first rock band ever to play in Kabul.

Bob Hope died yesterday and the New York press is wetting themselves with tributes. The online versions just don't do the special 16 page extras any justice. However, if you look at this it's hard to find people who didn't like Bob. In fact I had quite a problem finding anything all that negative about Bob Hope. Here is a good article about him that's not just a suck up.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Home sweet home.

Very good comic here by a woman who grew up in Iran during the 70's and 80's. This is only an excerpt, but if the whole book is of this quality I need to get my hands on it.

I want to say thanks to Alex and Kath for taking me out for my birthday. Thanks alot, I appreciate it.

Alex and I have been friends for many years and with all the people that have been in and out of my life it's nice to still be in touch with someone from when I was 15.

In what is surely a slow day for entertainment news, I still can't believe that this made it on to the CNN homepage.

However, now that Bob Hope has died we can be sure to be deluged with Bob Hope memoranda and USO tour footage until we've had our fill.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

I got an interesting email from my brother today regarding my newfound decision to go to school and try to make something of myself in the media industry. Drew is going to journalism school and really seems to enjoy it. Here's is some of what he wrote:

Regarding a radio/tv degree...sounds pretty cool. A few things I've noticed about media type stuff since starting school, for whatever that's worth.

I had one teacher discussing the origin of the phrase "The Media Elite". Because these are glamorous jobs...even the behind the scenes stuff, then, like Advertising, Architecture, etc. then the starting wages are very, very modest except for those where they can pretty much avoid paying you altogether. Later, of course, the money can be good. But you have to expect unpaid internships and low wages for several years of working.

This is kind of alarming...that after I graduate I will have to 1)struggle for a job and 2)anticipate earning around $18k a year for my first several years, even as I have student loans, the need for a car, etc. It's a lot more lucrative to be a secretary...

So the idea that there are some people who have enough daddy money to afford such internships/low wages or who can take out the loans...well those people are the country's Elite and then they become members of the media, thereby becoming The Media Elite.

I'm not saying it's the most perfect logic but you get the idea...anyway none of this is meant to be discouraging, just eye-opening. The #1 consideration about school seems to be internships so find out about those. All that being said, yes the media looks like a good place to work, as I've apparently decided.

I'll have to reserve judgement until I have a little more experience, but I think I've decided that too. If I'm not going to be making much money for awhile, then at least it should be doing something that is at the very least looked upon as "glamorous". Certainly recording interviews with CEO's does not fit that description.

Since it's my birthday I will be even more self indulgent than usual today. I think this is funny. If you don't well...go talk to Razen and have him tell you his summer motto.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

July 24! It's my birthday! I share a birthday with Gauge who is my favorite porn star,(look, I worked in an adult environment for 5 years including buying the videos at one time so you're bound to get some favorites, right?) Barry Bonds, Alexander Dumas, Simon Bolivar, Amelia Earhart, Anna Paquin, Lynda Carter, Jennifer Lopez , Michael Richards, and Gus Van Sant. Fascinating, huh?

Also, do you think I look like any of these people? I don't have a good picture to post, but if you know me(and I'm sure you do if you're looking at this page) then see what you think of me and all the other Leo/Sun--Libra/Moon--Sagittarius/Rising people at this site.

God help us all.

I realize that the majority of my readers(readers being strictly hypothetical as I am fairly sure that no one has looked at this blog since I sent out my maiden voyage email) don't read blogs and aren't familiar with the ins and outs of the blogosphere. One of the main players on the blog scene is Instapundit. Glenn Reynolds is a University of Tennessee law professor who along with Andrew Sullivan has managed to gain alot of internet clout. To be linked to him is to see your page hits go through the roof.

I have a gripe with Instapundit and it has nothing to do with his politics or his influence. It has to do with his use of the word "Heh". Here and here are couple of examples of his out of control "Heh"ing. He "Heh"s all the time and it sure does come off smug as hell.

Being sort of alone in my peer group in blog interest I thought it possible I was alone in my dislike of this verbal tic. I am proud to say that I was wrong. Unfogged.com has some posts here and here which take Mr. Reynolds to task.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Glad to see that this group is taking on Hagar the Horrible.

Monday, July 21, 2003


Out Hud, Beans, and Need New Body are going on tour. Go see them.

It looks like some people in Sacramento have decided that people with a naturalistic worldview need a snappy name. In a Guardian ariticle Richard Dawkins claims that "atheist" sounds too stuffy, like "homosexual". So instead of "atheist" he champions the word "bright". "Bright" as a term for atheists, agnostics, and so forth was put forward by "Paul Geisert, a Bright in Sacramento CA who first coined the noun.".

Did "atheist" and "agnostic" really need sprucing up? Did it really need such lame sprucing up?

"'Bright'! It's like 'Gay', but for atheists instead of homosexuals! Rad!'"

Richard Dawkins comes across like a total twit with a gag inducing self satisfied smugness.

From the Guardian UK:

Geisert and Futrell are very insistent that their word is a noun and must not be an adjective. "I am bright" sounds arrogant. "I am a bright" sounds too unfamiliar to be arrogant: it is puzzling, enigmatic, tantalising. It invites the question, "What on earth is a bright?" And then you're away: "A bright is a person whose world view is free of supernatural and mystical elements. The ethics and actions of a bright are based on a naturalistic world view."

"You mean a bright is an atheist?"

"Well, some brights are happy to call themselves atheists. Some brights call themselves agnostics. Some call themselves humanists, some free thinkers. But all brights have a world view that is free of supernaturalism and mysticism."

"Oh, I get it. It's a bit like 'gay'. So, what's the opposite of a bright? What would you call a religious person?"

"What would you suggest?"

The "What would you suggest?" just reeks of "I'm REALLY much more educated than you." smirkiness.

Friday, July 18, 2003

I don't know what you are doing tomorrow but it should involve either the Siren Festival or going to the Mercury Lounge to see !!! and Hint Hint. If you need any further convincing, I will also be there. So, that's a pretty big triple treat I think.

20 Questions using artificial intelligence. This is really amazing. Try it out.

MostAnnoyingWebpage.com - Most annoying webpage in the world!

Worth a look because it's actually true.


This is a neat site that catalogs all the acme products used in the Road Runner Warner Brother's cartoons.

This is another in the long line of sites that I see where I really can't tell if this is real or a hoax.

Upon further internet searching I found this as well as some legitamate news articles. I think it's pretty funny that they keep the hair in vault beneath a hair salon. I wonder if that was on purpose. Also, how stringent is the security at Hairogenics? I suppose no one really wants to steal locks of hair from random, very optimistic, men unless they are houngans, but you never know.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

So for whatever reason none of these links are working for me.

In other news, I guess the TSA in the airports can now not feel like jerks anymore when they use the wand on a two year old or a grandmother. They found a gun in a teddy bear that some kid was holding as he and his family were getting on a flight from Florida. No one seems to know how this happened or why. I suppose it's possible that a hijacker could have given the kid the bear(the kid is 10 by the way. Does that seem a little old to have a teddy bear with you all the time? I think so.)and then grabbed it away from the kid ripping out the bears cottony entrails and brandishing the derringer .22.

Any other theories?

At work I always have one browser window that is just Friendster. I realize that this is sick but now that I have this blog I can now have a browser window that opens into doing something productive. That being said, if you aren't my friend already, get to it.


Or maybe not. I'm having some growing pains here.

Here are some Family Circus related links that are pretty funny.



Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am experimenting with this and hope to do something interesting with it or at least amuse myself at work during 7 hours and 15 minutes that I'm not actually laboring in the service of CEOcast.

I don't have a digital camera but I think as soon as I have paid off my absurdly large credit card debt I'll think about getting one in order to spice this up.

For my first topical part of my post I'd like to write about yesterday's Family Circus. I know that making fun of the comics is old hat to some and I agree on a few points. I'ts no longer funny or insightful to mention that Cathy only talks about dating problems or losing weight. Family Circus is a whole different thing. It was in the Cathy realm for a long time with it's never ending gags about how the kids would mis-pronounce something like "pasgetti". This got to be so bad that I began to wonder if Billy et al. had some sort of terrible learning disability. So there was that and also those strange ones where they would show Jeffy leaving the house waving at Mommy(nee Thel) and her saying something about going to get her the sugar she wanted from Mrs. Young and hurry because Mrs. Young is about to leave to go visit her son who's in the army or something. Then we see the long route it takes Jeffy to get there because he jumps in the puddles and pets a dog and plays marbles with some token black character, and basically it takes him forever to get there. You see the route shown by this sort of broken, black, trail(which provided a totally weird meta-moment in Family Circus as one time they had one of these strips and Billy left with a backpack that was shown leaving the black trail behind him as he left the house) and in the end Jeffy always comes back and says something like "She already left Mommy!" and Mommy looks vexed since she must know by now that the kids aside from never pronouncing anything right are also total slackers.

So Family Circus trucked along for years with the same formula and some weird parts. For example the dog's name is Barfy. Here is an excerpt from a web chat with Bil Keane that finally sheds light on this subject:

Alexandria, Va.: Why did you name the dog Barfy? Does he eat dead things and throw up a lot, like a normal dog?

Bil Keane: At the time I started "Family Circus" in 1960, the word "barf" had just surfaced in a number of movies and novels. And I grabbed on to it as something unusual that the kids called the dog. Now after 42 years of drawing him, sometimes he makes me barfy.

I guess that explains it. Did he not know the meaning of the word? Did it just sound kind of endearing and cute? (On a side note: I think the word barf is always funny. I mean, who doesn't crack a smile when you hear someone say "Dude, he totally barfed!"? Puke just doesn't have the same impact. Barfing is added to the list of other things that are always funny like saying "class act" and "playing grab ass". More on this later.)

Ok, so a few years ago Bil started adding his son Jeff's name to the strip as co-creator. As soon as this happened the mispronounciation jokes stopped. The strip took was the same except you got no more kids messing up words and more reference to real world events that were a little disturbing.

For example, during the olympics there was a strip which had Grandma with Jeffy on her lap and read: "In war there are no silver or bronze medalists."

Thanks Mr. Keane. Jeff obviously has a more morbid strain to him than does dad so I'm sure we'll have more of these downers to look forward to in the future.

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