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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Things this week were insanely busy. Wednesday was the spelling bee (nothing remarkably different about this one. People showed up. Some people won. It was fun.) then there was the Rock Paper Scissors tournament which was a big success. You can see more info about the RPS here and here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Brooklyn's reigning alpha speller"

Ha! Don't make me pee in my Cheerios! She may be Pete's reigning speller but not Brooklyn's. This is an outrage! Who does this Kristine Eco person think she writes for? Newsweek? This story has about as much credibility as those guys!

I'd like to see how Maria stood up to the weight of a Linus, an Alison, a Kathy, or an Al Duvall.

I'm planning to contact this "champion" to see if she has the guts to show up at Freddy's to really run with the big dogs. If she wins I'll be more than happy to crown her the borough's spelling queen but not one single second before.

Anyway, the bee is tonight at Freddy's. It starts at 8. I'll be there and I'll be sweaty but not in the gross way. In the hot way.

Maybe this is just a bad picture of her but those eyes just scream "Crazy nut" to me.

I'm always fascinated by these stories of people who were under a sort of obesity house arrest and couldn't leave their homes for years. Seven years without leaving your house?

On a related note: Has anyone actually ever seen a person wearing a "No Fat Chicks" shirt?

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Stranger has a blog now.

One of my bosses is totally asleep at his desk right now. He sits right next to me so it's easy for me to tell.

In June I'll be wending my way to Chicago to meet my my brother's boyfriend for the first time. This is pretty exciting in and of itself but the pure excitement doesn't end there. We are also going to get Chicago dogs , go to the horse races, and (I hope) do some riverboat gambling. I have the gambling jones now so I can't wait. I got my tickets of Priceline which was much cheaper than getting it through Expedia. However, I leave Newark at 7:30 am in the morning which I can't say thrills me to death. Going to Newark at all doesn't thrill me, but this is especially unthrillsome.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

One of the things I really like about this picture is that not only does it look a lot like me but the look of ennui really captures exactly how I'm feeling right now.


Gridskipper has really been up and down in quality since it started due to the fact that they have a new editor every week. This week's editor is easily the best they've had so far.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Via Thighs Wide Shut:

This story from the BBC.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The bloom is certainly off the rose with this whole working out thing. I used to sort of look forward to running around, being in pain, sweating a lot, and being yelled at, but now I don't really. Oh well, only six more weeks. However, I now have to also get a jump rope and whale on that a few days a week too. "Five days a week of exercise is key!" says my instructor. I thought zero to three days would have been key enough but I'm wrong. She brought up joining a basketball league but it's hard to find a basketball league that advertises itself being for people who are really unskilled in any of the things that make you a good basketball player. I give the instructor credit. She really gave it a shot with me. "What kind of physical activity do you enjoy?" she said. "Well, none. That's why I took this 'force myself to do it' route with the class.'". Unfazed, she says, "I've got it ! Bicycling!". Well, I went through the whole thing about how I can't do any balance based activities such as bicycling, rollerblading, rollerskating, skiing, snowboarding, iceskating etc.... Finally we settled on jump roping. That is something I can do. Whee. So, now I sit three hours from huffig and puffing my way to better endurance and 35 pushups in an hour(my personal goals).

Friday, May 13, 2005

Quitty's cat.

Quitty writes: That's a baby cougar. This is my cat:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Some thoughts:

I just had the pleasure of calling Provena Foods in Chino CA.

I keep thinking Sam Jayne and Ludacris look sort of similar. Not exactly alike or anything but just a passing resemblance.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Remember the story about the guy who changed his name to Optimus Prime on his 30th birthday? Here is an interview with him. The horoscope part at the end is my favorite:
Botcollector: It sure sounds like it. Are there any other thoughts you'd like to share with the Transformers fan community?

Optimus: I am a Gemini, and every part of my life exemplifies this. The Transformers were the only toys that really caught my
spark. Gemini’s have 2 personalities, as do the Transformers. I love technology and nature in the same way. As an Army Fire Fighter, we rescue and kill. I am the most polite and quiet man you will ever meet, until you push me. I can also become a nightmare the likes of which you have never known, who shoots first and doesn’t ask any questions. The one thing I want people to know about me is this:

Remember, Optimus Prime will always be there for you… no matter the cost. Autobots, transform and roll out!

I was looking at the below picture of the off duty storm troopers and I decided that I really wanted to indulge myself with more Hooters pictures.

The breasts on the woman on the right are truly insane.

What I like about this picture is that I guess in New Orleans they have black outfits instead of the usual white and orange.

Hooters Air. Is there nothing they can't accomplish?

And, of course, who can forget Goose and his World Hooters Tour?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm so underwhelmed with Eva Longoria. Does anyone have a different opinion? I was also discussing with Sterling the other day the phenemenon of Lindsey Lohan. She's just not all that. She's not ugly or anything but what's the big deal?
This photo of Anna Kournikova is disturbing in some way I can't quite describe.

Who is Nicole Ritchie hanging out with here? When exactly did she dress like this?

I won a raffle awhile ago. It was for dinner at The Islands.Before RPS practice last night Heather, Andy, Vicky, and I went there for my victory celebration and pre-RPSing dinner. The food was really, really, really good. Did I mention I liked it? They give you complimentary rum punch which was very tasty and a nice refreshing change from the party punches I usually drink which are usually pretty nasty and make you go blind if you drink too much of it. Then we got our appetizer plate with bbq chicken, plantain (which I personally don't like but everyone else said were good)and some kind of fried cod thing. You know, I 'm not going to go into this whole thing because reading about a meal someone had is like reading about a dream they had. In other words, dull. So, I'm just going to say I heartily recommend this establishment. I'm not just saying that because I ate for free either.

Monday, May 09, 2005

When I went to Portland St. University my first friend there was a guy named Chris Houser or maybe Chris Hauser. Anyway, I haven't seen the guy in years and I really want to get in touch with him. I'm hoping he'll google himself, see his name, and then get in touch with me.

Michelle asks "Josh, what do you look at all day at work to get such knowledge about celebrities?"

Here it is:





The Superficial

Go Fug Yourself



There's more if you're really hankering.

Friday, May 06, 2005

On Thursday 5/26 is going to be the Rock, Paper, Scissors Eastern Seaboard Pro-Am Series event at Freddy's Backroom!Andy from Daily Heights and myself will be emceeing this event. This promises to be an awesome event and if you want to compete for the first place cash prize of 200 dollars you need to sign up now! In order to do so please contact secretariat(at)nyrps.org. The sign up fee is six dollars. There is going to be at least one bonafide RPS superstar there,

C.Urbanus, who is the inventor of the Urbanus defense.

This is going to be THE event of the spring.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I especially like the one of Mario looking at himself in the mirror.

Some "What in the...?" moments from today's news:

Bring it on. Do you think magic fingers are suggestive?

This tune got Springsteen's new album banned from being sold at Starbucks.

Speaking of Bruce, this sure is a godawful parody. Bruce Sprungspleen?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Where have I been? Well, first there was the spelling bee. Then Sterling and I went to North Carolina to go fishing. We didn't catch any fish however we did talk to one gentleman who put it best:
I may not catch any fish but I'll sure catch a buzz from all this cold beer!
which I thought was probably the right attitude. While we were down in North Carolina there was an insane thunder storm and there was one peal that shook the whole house and actually caused me to think at one point "Was that a bomb?" which makes zero sense. It's not like Al Queda is going to make a raid on the Callier residence in Highland NC. A side effect of the storm is that lightning struck the pumps that pump water into the house from the well so we ended up not having any running water for the last 3 days we were there. Oh the gags! "I'll just wash this dish..." Haha! Sorry rube! Anyway, there was a lot of peeing outside to be had.

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