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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

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From my friend Robert: Here is an insane transcript from this guy who has the world record holder for sitting in a bath of ice.

And, I had to do it. Hooters Blog.

Ok, end of the dental story. It turns out that I was an alternate and I didn't get my teeth cleaned but they did give me a hundred dollars and the woman gave me her card and told me just to give her a call when I wanted my free cleaning. So, a pretty sweet deal all around. One hundred dollars, a free cleaning, and I get to choose when the cleaning is and presumably the cleaning won't take four hours. Boy, do I love life.

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So WYSIWYG was last night. My favorites were the two Heathers and Ron Mwangaguhunga although I'm still not exactly sure what Ron's confession exactly was.

I managed to drink way too much to even think about having a good day at work today.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hi everyone.

I'm peforming tonight. I know, I know, "Where's the advance notice?" you ask. NOWHERE.

Here's the info. I hope you come.
Also, let's talk spelling bee. I had to cancel the last one since only four people showed up and I'd really like to avoid that this time.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

In the "How do I get myself into this kind of thing?" department: Yesterday I went in for my follow up dental appointment. I hadn't been to the dentist in ten years and a few months ago I decided that at age 31, dental insurance or not, I should probably take some responsibility for my oral health. I went down to the NYU college of dentistry because I knew that, like when you go to barber college, letting students do work on you is often almost as good as a professional and nowhere near as expensive. Unlike hair, teeth don't grow back and the chance of horrible pain is much more likely. But, it had to be done. My first appointment was sort of long because the woman doing the x-rays was fairly inexperienced so there was lots of moving the things around in my mouth and poking me in the gums and "OH! I'm sorry's" but we got through it eventually. After she took the x-rays she came back and said "Ok, you either have excellent dental hygiene or great genetics.".

I think we all know the answer to that one.

I had to go back for a checkup yesterday and it went smoothly at the beginning. I had a nice dentist named Sun Kim and we chatted about my medical history and so forth
until she said that it looked like all I needed was a cleaning. At that point this woman came in, Dr. Kirby, and asked if she could take a look at my teeth. So, she poked around for awhile and finally it was decided that I had just what they were looking for in a mouth for the dental hygienists exam and could I be at the dentist's office at 7am on Friday? Well, as you might imagine this didn't really thrill me as an idea, the whole altruistic, getting up super early to help these women with their dental exams, thing. But then they sweetened the deal by telling me that no only would I get a free cleaning I would get one hundred dollars! Now the other downside: the test takes FOUR HOURS. Oh man.

Walking down the street a few days ago I saw a guy from Children's International out on the street looking for people to flag down and convince to sponsor a child in the third world somewhere. Well, I had my usual response ready as I saw him coming and as he came up he surprised me by saying "Hey! Are you from Maine?". I told him no and then asked why and he said, "Oh, well a lot of people in Maine look kind of like you, beard, sort of rough looking, same clothing colors.". I told him I was from Tennessee and he smiled and said "Ok" and that was that. No pitch for saving the children.

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