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Thursday, January 29, 2004


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

It snowed like nobody's business last night. Someone on the phone asked me how many inches it had snowed and all I could really say was that snow got in my shoes and that was too many inches for this guy.

Fun Josh Fact!!!

I saw Tera Patrick and the guitar player for Biohazard in a Hummer on my birthday last year.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What I've been up to:

Much working and so alot of calling. Unlike traditional telemarketing there is very little straight up rejection. I have only gotten a gruff "Not interested" a few times. I suppose once you get into the financial sector people are a little nicer than when you are selling aluminum siding. Add this to the fact that many of these companies actually do want to do these interviews and you've got a fairly pleasant cold calling environment.

On Wednesday I went with a friend to go see a friend of hers who is a singer/songwriter, but I was wary of this since the singer songwriter genre is notoriously awful. She said he had "great lyrics" but this did nothing to soothe my fears. I am pleased to say that this gentleman was MUCH better than I thought. He played a 4 string banjo and and his lyrics were actually really good. What a nice surprise! What wasn't so nice was the band after this guy, Charm School, which started out with two punked out Johnny Cash covers and reinforced my belief that people over 30 should not wear bondage gear. They were 71 kinds of awful.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I went to a pretty amazing comedy show last night that my friends Amy and Brittany took me too. Everyone was at least decent although I must say again that the prevalence of "douchebag" in literally every person's act is a sign of comedic laziness. There were several drop ins including Sarah Vowell whose new book Assassination Vacation seems like it's going to be quite good and Todd Barry showed up wearing the exact same shirt he is wearing in the picture on his website.

One of the many things that is better about seeing a comedy show than music is that I don't usually hate the performers if they are bad. If I see a band and I think they aren't very good I dislike them as people in a small(or sometimes large)way. However, if a comic is bad usually they are at least causing me to smile and I want to like them. There are exceptions to this of course. I usually dislike alot of shouting about "sluts" and "whores". However, I have a lot more leeway in my mind for people not doing so good at stand up then I do playing instruments. One real reason for this is that the set times are so much shorter. If you see a band, unless they are a hardcore band, you are going to have to sit through at least 20 minutes and that's if you are lucky. Not only do you have to sit through the actual performance you also have to sit there while they set up their keyboard and their theremin and their zither or whatever else they've got. So, I like the short and sweet of get up there and go for about ten minutes.

Last week I made a mistake and bought fabric softener instead of detergent and washed my clothes in that. It didn't seem to make much difference. The clothes still seemed clean and they smelled nice. Bachelor wins again!

Monday, January 19, 2004

I am going to try and be better about this and spend a little time doing the blogging thing before I start calling up these people. Today it's a little easier than other days as today is a national holiday and most people don't have to go to work today. There are certainly not going to be that many CEO's at work today. However, here I am at CEOcast with a smile on my face, the dialing finger at the ready, and "Hi, my name is Josh Reynolds and I just saw your press release concerning Allista's Phase II trials..." on my lips.

My co workers eat all the time. Ken and Ed are always eating. They have the desks next to mine and I swear that at least one of them is eating at any one time. Right now Ed is eating a buttered roll, but I sense that Ken is about to bust out with one of his microwaveable soups. Isn't it great the intimacy you get with your co workers? Sigh.

UPDATE: When you're good you're good. Ken has soup at 9:31pm.

UPDATE: Ed has buttered roll 9:52

UPDATE: Ken has vegetarian chili 11:40

UPDATE: Ed eats lunch. Lots of veggies 12pm

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Well, so far it's going alright. I haven't had to speak to many CEO's yet. Mostly it is a lot of leaving messages. Unfortunately, I have gotten a little nervous at times and done things like "We'd love to have Mr. Filipino...um...Aquilino on to talk about his Q3 earnings." and just other non-professional stumblings.

We'll see tomorrow when I have three interviews booked. Who knows what will happen? Stay tuned to you favorite financial researcher to find out.

Hey Alda,

Thanks for reading. Sorry I haven't written back yet but now that Midnite is there when are we going to see your face in NY?

Friday, January 09, 2004

I just have to say it again. That is so stupid.

Thank you for indulging me.

I read the Daily News on the way to work everyday. It's a little smarter than the Post and a lot dumber than the New York Times. The reason I read it is that it has comics and the exact amount of stuff I want to read between waiting for the bus and getting of the subway at my station. About 20 minutes of material for me to enjoy. Today they had one of those articles on how to beat the cold(for those of you not in the NY area it is COLD right now. However, not as cold as Chicago and thank god for that because I think I would kill myself if I had to deal with the kind of cold they have there. No bueno)and the number one tip in the article is "Don't go outside." This is a tip?! Who hadn't figured that one out? Ok, "Don't drink alcohol. It dilates your blood vessels causing you to lose body heat." This is good advice and something some people need to be aware of. But, "Don't go outside."? Jesus, what kind of advice is that?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Via TonyTales

Some true cat lovers

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Sorry I've been out of the loop. Tired, uninspired, and now busy at work training a new person. That's right folks, I got a promotion! Yes, now I will be a glorified telemarketer or a booker as they are known here. You will know me as a "financial analyst" and this is what I will now be telling people I do. This sounds better than "Makes appointments for the guy who really knows what's going on". There will be more blogging about this to be sure. A whole new realm to discuss and (most likely) complain about.

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