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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Big ass fish caught in Thailand.

Via Waxy.org, a great new blog about horses.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I can't keep myself away from Hooters news as you well know. I had no idea that Hooters has a swimsuit pageant featuring the 109, or the "Hooters 100", women competing. I also had no idea that Hooters had a magazine that looks, surprise, a lot like a porno magazine. I'd prefer if they went for more of a Harper's feel but I'm not sure that would go over well.

And, I can't play it on my computer but will someone watch "Hooters Bootcamp" and report back?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

What�s up? Well what can I say, I'm 21 year old college chic who loves to have a GOOD time. I have been in college now for 4 years (I know it�s a LONG time) and I still have a year and a half to go. Most of my time was spent doing Generals but now I am in the Nursing Program and will graduate in Dec. of 2006. I have an A.A. in Natural Science and I am going to be a Registered nurse; I think I�ll work in OB or pediatrics (not too sure yet!) I have already seen lots of�INTERESTING things. Nursing ain�t no Glamorous job, but it feels good to know you are helping people out. It�s really tough being in Nursing school. You have to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!! At times I think �What did I get myself into�, but I know with God�s help, I�ll make it! I am an only child (but that doesn't mean I'm spoiled) well.... maybe JUST A LIL BIT! I am really outgoing and NICE. But don't do me wrong cuz then you'll get CUT!!! Since I'm in College most of my time is spent hittin� them books and busting my ass off to get that "A". But now that it�s summer I am ready to PARTAAAAAY! I really enjoy going out with my friends and meeting new people. My girls and I luv to go shopping, dancing, and drinking. (COSMOS!!!) LUV �em! I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, Good or Bad, God has a plan for us! No matter how bad things get never lose your faith in God, just trust Him and you�ll be all right. I also believe in the power of prayer. Ask and you will receive, (like they say be careful what you wish for) that is so true. Also the grass is not always greener on the other side. You may look at others and think, �I wish I had that� or �Why can�t I live that way�, but just try to be happy with what God has blessed you with, because you probably are very fortunate. There will ALWAYS be someone with more than you, but remember there are many with less than you. 2004 was a tough year for me, I went through a lot of sh*t, and without God and my parents, and friends to get me through it, I don�t know where I would be. It wasn�t until this year that I got that �Dirt off my Shoulder� so now I can just have fun and live my life to the fullest. Thanks to God, My Parents and Friends for always sticking by my side and supporting me in all I do. I love You!

Best song title ever: Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Other movies I saw on my trip: Team America and The Pacifier. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are always about 70 percent funny at just about everything they do and so it was for this one as well.

With The Pacifier I must say that I finally have to admit to myself that I like family movies. Yes, flavored coffee and family movies. How did this happen? Anyway, Vin Diesel is actually a pretty talented comic actor so this is no "Kindergaten Cop" as some have compared it to. However, I can't really recommend seeing it because I'm well aware that this is one of those things that I enjoyed but would cause much eye rolling and sighing among others.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Let me whine. I am soooooo not looking forward to bootcamp today. Rozz has "kicked it up a notch" once again and the result being that instead of the feeling I had before of "This is strenuous but I feel good afterward and it's healthy for me and I kind of look forward to it." I now have the feeling of "Oh my god I sure with that there would be an earthquake so I can guilt free not have to to go to the horrible torture session that is my fitness plan.".

The spelling bee is this Wednesday at 8pm. Hope to see you there at Freddy's.

I went to Chicago over the weekend to visit my father , my brother, and his boyfriend Alex who I'd never met before.

I bought my tickets of Priceline which means that even though you can save a boatload of money you are going to have to sacrifice convenience since you can't pick the times you wish to depart. So, this situation found me leaving home about 5 am to get to Newark. It goes without saying that that pretty much sucked. I did, however, have my Vanity Fair so there was plenty for me to read. I must say that the puff piece on Nicole Kidman was even worse than usual. I mean, they usually suck but this sucked so far beyond that it was insane. Who cares what Karl Lagerfeld has to say about Nicole Kidman or anything for that matter? He is a much to skinny, scary weirdo on his best days. Anyway, I ended up showing up in Chicago about 9 am and went directly to Demon Dogs which was recommended to me as a place to get an authentic Chicago dog. Rubbish! This dog was just a hot dog with mustard, relish, and some small hot peppers on the top. I was under the impression that the meal would be more like this. It was disappointing. I then went back to Dad's house and proceeded to read all of this book.Then we went to see Batman Begins which was ok, but never did explain things like where the hell the Scarecrow came from or anything about his origins. You can assume some things but for the most part he's just there without much explanation and that kind of bugged me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More about tumors with teeth.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My legs are sore. Rozz decided to "step it up" this week which means that instead of the "burn" we've now moved into the "pain" which isn't really so great. I'm okay with exertion. I'm not okay with feeling like my legs are on a stove but vanity is a harsh mistress.

This picture doesn't really have much to do with what I'm talking about but here is Jack Lalanne and the woman who got her arm bitten off in Hawaii last year.

Check out some tips on how to make it out alive when you are on the wrong end of one of the world's most dangerous predators at Shark Survivor.

This is totally goofy.

Monday, June 06, 2005

I took a little break there but now I'm back for more! It's going to be off the hook! Anyway, let's talk Tom Cruise. Just what in the holy hell is going on with this kook? As you may or may not know, Cruise is a big time Scientologist. John Travolta is one as well who even managed to make a L. Ron Hubbard based vanity project called Battlefield Earth which was universally panned and is pretty much considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. But, back to Tom and his recent off his rockerdom. I think that the numbers here really do all the illustrating that needs to be done about Tom's appearance on Oprah to discuss his recent hookup with Katie Holmes. Six times he dropped to his knees? OMG. Ok, that's not so bad really. Perhaps he really was just excited about how super duper Katie Holmes is and felt the need to go batshit about it with Oprah. I would be totally willing to give him a pass on that if this is all that happened. I'd think "Good for Tom. He's a goofy ass but hopefully he's happy and he's finally found the woman who will help him get over the heartbreak of Nicole Kidman."
Remember when she was dating Lenny Kravitz? In case you're wondering here are their biorhythms.
Tom then went on to start getting really open about his involvement with Scientology having a Scientolgy tent up on the set of War of the Worlds, and giving the media quite a few quotes to chew on. The most famous one so far is his comments about Brooke Shields. In an interview he spoke about Brooke Shields and how he was disappointed in her for using Paxil to combat her post partum depression. Tom suggests that she should have taken vitamins.

Cruise maintains, "These drugs are dangerous. I have actually helped people come off.

"When you talk about postpartum, you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that.

"You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things."

He then slams her in a way that I can only describe as pretty much missing the point:
Cruise says, "Here is a woman, and I care about Brooke Shields because I think she is an incredibly talented woman. You look at, where has her career gone?"

Which vitamins are not specified.

Scientology's home page is here.

Major Anti Scientology website here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mickey Rourke is freaky looking.

Am I the only peson who wasn't familiar with a position of Chief People Person before?

So, now we know who Deep Throat is. How anti-climactic.

I thought this was just a Krispy Kreme marketing ploy but apparently National Doughnut Day actually exists.
National Doughnut Day was established in 1938 by the Chicago Salvation Army to raise much-needed funds during the Great Depression and to honor the work of World War I Salvation Army volunteers who prepared doughnuts for thousands of soldiers. National Doughnut Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in June.

However, there wasn't much information about National Doughnut Day when I put it in Google which sort of puzzled me.
UPDATE: Drew has done some research for this.

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