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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This is something you should read.

Monday, May 22, 2006

14 days...

Ok, Wednesday is the spelling bee!!! Head on down to Freddy's at 6th and Dean at 8:00 pm. Good Morning America will be there so you have a really good chance of being on TV.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Joanne, our new receptionist just stroked my beard and said "You'd look like a little baby if you shaved this shit off."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Josh's life rundown:

Sunday- Saw the Mets with Harry. They lost. Lima sucks.

Monday- Don't remember.

Tuesday- Had dinner with Karl and Alison. Alison made homemade pasta and also homemade caramel custard. Delicious. Then we started having a text discussion with Sterling about LOTR, orc women, trolls, and the Urak-hai. I was doing a lot of forwarding texts to both parties on that one especially since it continued after I left.

Wednesday- Spent more time than usual today just staring into space here at work. Then I went to Mary's Fish camp with Brandon and Aimee. Now, seven or so months ago B and A and I went to Brooklyn Fish Camp and had dinner. The evening ended with me noisily barfing everywhere in Heather's bathroom. So, I was a little wary of returning but did anyway, and sure enough, about two hours after eating there I felt totally sick. So I went a picked up some pepto and that is a wonder drug. It really is. I ended up going home and Jessie called me and told me that her friend Melanie had invited her to dinner and did I want to come. Well, I had to really think about it be because I was still feeling mildly nauseated but I figured getting out of the house was a good idea and so I headed on over to Melanie's house where her friend Hugo made carbonara which was really good. Didn't stay too late because I was totally exhausted from my stomach bout earlier in the day. You know, I think it's the clams. I really do. I ate fried clams both times I got sick.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Luke and I went to the Mets game last night but left in the 8th inning to catch the express 7 train back. Unfortunately there is no express seven train back so that was disappointing. I'm glad we didn't stay though since the game went 14 innings. Which is more baseball than I like to take in one sitting. Later on Luke and I went to few bars and at one point Luke asked "Why are you not drunk? I'm trashed." and with a little reserach we figured out that I had gone with the time honored "Ate something" and Luke had gone with "Have not eaten anything all day even breakfast." strategy. So, there you have it.

So, yeah. 29 days until I leave. I need to go pick up my Chinese and Russian visas next week and also finally buy a backpack. I'm also still trying to figure out the best way for my father to be able to wire money into my account every month. See, I figure if I have him put in a set amount every month then I will be much more likley to be budget conscious than if I just see all my money because my attitude shifts to "I'm rich!".

There just isn't that much preparation to do now. I have my tickets and so I'm pretty much ready.

Four weeks.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ok, I'm leaving in 32 days for the great unknown. Taaffe needs a subletter for my room. My rent is 400 dollars and there are three roomates, two of which will be gone for large parts of the sublet time. We'd like to find someone we know rather than a craigslist person so if there is anyone I know out there in Sacramento or elsewhere that wants a cheap room in Brooklyn let me know.

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